Our Project Roadmap

Phase I

  • Gather the masses to unveil the Monarchs on Discord.
  • Grace the Royal presence on other social media platforms.
  • Release 10,000 Royal Goats NFTs in our World to begin the Royal Era.
  • Launch the Royal website.
  • Make Royal Goats part of other NFT realms.
  • Build the Royal Goats Club smart contract.
  • Declare celebutante and celebrities who have high regard for the Royal Goats.
  • Declare the price to Mint Royal Goats.
  • Whitelisting with off-chain signing and on-chain decryption to verify the whitelist.
  • Chosen few get the privilege of minting during the pre-sale.
  • Masses get to mint during the public sale.
  • The kingdom unveils in front of everyone as the Royal Goats Club NFT comes to fruition in the NFT world.
  • The early believers in this journey can participate in the Tesla Giveaway.

Phase II

  • Development of the RGC NFT Platform.
  • Announcement of partnership with leading Web3.0 blockchain ecosystem.
  • Launching the RGC NFT platform.
  • The holder of Royal Goats Club NFT will be airdropped RGC tokens per RGC they own. RGC Tokens are ERC-20 tokens that will bring utilities when used within the RGC NFT Platform/Metaverse.
  • The Royal Goats NFT will be showcased and worshiped across the globe through renowned galleries.
  • Transform yourself in the Royal realm where a metaverse can help you become a part of this Kingdom.
  • To be continued…

Phase III

  • Feel Royal with Royal merchandise, straight from the treasure chest of Royal Goats. Some of these items are only available to the ones who hold the NFT.
  • Build the smart contract for the arrival of the other Royals.
  • Welcome the most essential royals to hold stature in the Royal Goats Club Kingdom, The Queen, Princesses, Duchess, and many more called the Royal Does.
  • Airdrop Royal Does to the owners of 2500 Royal Goats that were minted during the Pre-Sale.
  • Now get treated like the Royal themselves, experience a Royal Retreat.