R O Y A L   P A P E R

The Royal Paper


Royal Goat’s Club was created to build better! Better what? Better everything! We have assembled a team of accomplished entrepreneurs who want to make the best marketplace & best community in web3. The project was founded by entrepreneurs who have identified problems in the current marketplace choices and wish to build something more significant. Our roadmap includes a utility token and NFT Marketplace, with lots of perks for our holders. The holders will be generously rewarded for being a part of the Royal Goats Club. Besides access and airdrops, we plan to reward our community with an all-inclusive Royal Retreat weekend, where every holder will be treated like royalty.

Royal Goats Club is a collection broken down into two phases of 10,000 Royal Goat NFTs (Male Goats & Does)—unique digital collectibles living on the Ethereum blockchain. Each Royal Goat is unique and programmatically generated from over 168 possible traits, including expression, headwear, clothing, etc. All goats are Royal, some are from different ethnicities, and some are rarer than others. Each Royal Goat NFT is a membership key to the RGC NFT Marketplace, in which you will gain early access to future break-through NFT ecosystem, giveaways, and exclusive membership benefits.

Royal Goats Club NFT holders will have exclusive access to all the future tools that will be created. As NFT holder you will also have full commercial and intellectual property rights to the NFT goats that you own. Holders can use their RGC NFT for personal branding, derivative NFTs, merchandising, logo and much more to be announced in future.

Drop merch like Hoodie, T- shirt, Caps, etc. Some Merch drops will be limited editions. Some drops will be reserved to Royal Goats Club NFT holders exclusively and others will be open for everyone.

Although NFT communities are born in the metaverse, IRL community events prove that we can transform web3 connections into genuine bonds. We will be hosting an event for the holders in the Bahamas where their stay, food, and wellness will be taken care of by RGC. This event will be attended by influencers & celebrities who will become part of the RGC family. We want the holders to take pride in being part of the Royal Goats Club.

The NFT Marketplace will get funded 50% of all secondary market sales generated from royalties. The other 50% will be used to develop partnerships in Web3. There will be a mere 2.5% royalty set for the sale of the Royal Goats Club NFT in the secondary market.

With the rapid growth of the NFT economy, there is a great deal of opportunity for innovation and growth. This Marketplace aims to facilitate this growth by providing an easy-to-use platform where developers and creators can promote various digital assets across multiple chains. The RGC Marketplace platform aims to work across various blockchains to ensure interoperability is achieved, and hence, we can widen our user base irrespective of the network they use. Our team of developers is working on the Cross- chain functionality that will enhance the tamper- proof nature of the NFT assets listed on the portal, ensuring trading credibility.

This Marketplace will have a unique Auth Score that helps differentiate projects and their ability to deliver upon the promised roadmap. The profile page of the collections will have a very prominent Auth Score which will be comprised of the following:

Every team member added a Web 2.0 Profile along with a 2FA using a verified phone number will contribute points towards the Auth Score.

A detailed well-worded white-paper about the project will add points to the Auth Score, A website, social media profiles, and a verified Google Listing will contribute to the Auth Score as well. An auth score will be generated through multi-variable equation which would make it very difficult to con NFT traders.

As part of the RGC’s NFT MARKETPLACE’s initial launch, we will airdrop RGC tokens to the RGC holders. The tokens will be distributed according to the RGC NFT’s the holders own. The more RGC NFT’s the holder holds, the more tokens will be airdropped to their wallet. We will announce before the token launch, and the holders will have 30-day time period to claim the tokens. Any tokens that aren’t claimed by the end of the airdrop period will go to the treasury for use in marketplace development. More details on this will be released over time.

Premium Listings We will have Premium listings that sellers can list for a premium fee; however, RGC NFT holders will automatically have premium spots without paying any premium fees. No fee for NFT holders The RGC NFT holders can trade on this Marketplace without any transaction fee & will have free access to Premium listings.